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Looking to Build your Portfolio or Just Getting Started creating one…

If you are looking for a photographer to help build your portfolio or are just getting started, you have come to right place. This hits right at the core of our service offerings. We love to shoot with models. There are several styles we can help assist you with including:

  • Traditional Portraits – In local studio with studio lights.  This could be themed or minimal set design with the focus on lighting. Shots taken are Head, Half Body & Full Body typically.
  • Lifestyle Portraits – Typically on location based with a theme our a purpose that is used for Editorial, Social Media, or Product. This style captures people in an everyday environment, often doing ordinary things. Setting shots up BUT not posing typical.
  • Environmental Portraits – A mix of lifestyle and traditional. Both the person and the place have equal importance in the shot list. It is a way to give the viewer clues to that person’s personality. That location could be a home, an office, or a favorite place outdoors. Or if you photograph a dancer, it can be a ballet studio.
  • Candid & Street Portraits – Unplanned photography with no direction or posing from the photographer.  The light, the environment or any other factors create a spontaneous photoshoot. The use of both color and black & white are often used.
  • Glamour & Boudoir Portraits – Glamour focuses on the beauty of the subject which wardrobe planning and the use of professional make-up artists. Boudoir is similar but not identical to glamour portraits. Glamour photography often takes place in different locations, including outdoors. Boudoir, as the name suggests, takes place in a bedroom or home.
  • Concept & Compositing Portraits – Conceptual portraits capture an idea or concept within a portrait image. Photographers often use props, setting, or photo editing to achieve that concept. Compositing takes an idea and a group of different shots to comprise a single portrait.  A great deal of planning and experience in photo editing software is required.

Click here to contact us with a style or a list of styles that you are looking for and we will be happy to discuss how we can assist.

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